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I understand that losing weight and gaining muscle can be challenging, and sometimes can make you feel as if you're just spinning your wheels.

I take your individuality into consideration, listen, and create a training program that fits your life while teaching you nutrition that is strict, flexible and has no food restrictions. 

In my coaching, I dive deep with those who are willing to go.

With that diving deep, I help my clients see how powerful they are which translates into them crushing thier diet and training as well as expands their minds and hearts, creating more awareness and higher performance in other areas of life. 


Jennifer Jackson

Coaching with Lazarus Ross has changed my life and mindset.

Not only do I feel the best I ever have in my life physically, but mentally as well. And that to me is what has made all the difference and is what matters most. 

I see things so differently, my outlook on life is more positive than it ever has been and I can see my life filled with such incredible relationships. I have more energy and wake up every day excited for what the day will bring with whatever is going on in my life. 

I have never felt better about where my life is going, and I am so excited to continue with his guidance and coaching. 

Suddenly, I feel like I’m on the path of actually “living” vs. merely surviving, and have never been more optimistic for my future.


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